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Platelet Rich Fibrin aka “Liquid Gold” is the perfect solution to stimulate cell growth within the body. The patient’s blood is drawn, processed in a centrifuge, and then used in certain aesthetic treatments to enhance and optimize results. The amazing benefits of PRP/PRF can be used to stimulate hair growth, diminish the appearance of scarring, encourage the body’s production of collagen, and much more.

**At Enchanted our Microneedling with PRF treatments are performed by a highly trained, licensed Medical Provider

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Scar Treatments

45 Minutes 
Starting At $300 Per Area
Platelet Rich Fibrin is injected and microneedled into the area to diminish the appearance of scarring. Improves scarring from injuries or surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, knee replacement, etc. You will need a series of 3-4 treatments for optimum results. Arrive 30 minutes prior to appointment time to numb.

This treatment requires your blood to be drawn– stay hydrated 24 prior to your appointment.


Hair Restoration

60 Minutes
Starting At $650
Have you noticed increased hair loss or thinning hair? Platelet Rich Fibrin will stimulate new hair growth and restore more youthful-looking hair. You will need a series of 3-4 treatments separated by 30 days for optimum results (which will be seen 4-9 months following treatments).

This treatment requires your blood to be drawn– stay hydrated at least 24 hrs prior to your appointment.


Facial Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

60 Minutes
Platelet Rich Fibrin is used while microneedling the face and neck, (décolletage can be added on for $200) to stimulate collagen, tighten the skin, minimize pore size, improve skin texture, diminish scarring, and improve the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles. This is the ultimate anti-aging facial. Arrive 30 mins prior to appointment time to numb.

This treatment requires your blood to be drawn– stay hydrated 24 prior to your appointment.


Body Microneedling

60 Minutes
Starting At $650
Platelet Rich Fibrin is used while microneedling the face, neck, décolletage as well as areas such as the knees, legs, arms, abdomen to stimulate collagen, tighten the skin, improve hyperpigmentation, improve skin texture, diminish scarring, and improve the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles. This is the ultimate anti-aging treatment. Arrive 30 mins prior to appointment time to numb.

This treatment requires your blood to be drawn– stay hydrated at least 24 hrs prior to your appointment.


PRF Under Eyes (Tear Troughs)

45 Minutes
Starting At $450
The under-eye area often called “tear trough”, is the first to age for most people. Multiple techniques are used to address this area and the choice often depends on skin damage, skin texture, bony changes, and fat pad herniation. This a complex area with thin skin and a dynamic component. PRF is injected using a cannula and results in very little bruising or swelling. PRF contains growth factors and stem cells that are responsible for creating new skin cells, collagen, and blood vessels.

PRF Antiaging Facial Injections

60 Minutes
Platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF, is a completely natural aesthetic injectable that can rejuvenate the appearance of your face. Using a concentration of your own blood, PRF can help restore your youthful, smooth appearance. The injections work overtime, promoting the generation of new collagen which improves the tone and texture of the skin. A series of 3 sessions is recommended 4 weeks apart.


Enchanted Medical Aesthetics uses the latest technology in horizontal centrifuges to generate Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) which is a complex Fibrin Matrix rich in Platelets, Leukocytes, and Mesenchymal stem cells. For 10-12 days, this results in the constant release of Growth factors and interleukins which accelerate tissue healing and regenerating processes. This 100% autologous rejuvenation technique is substantial progress from the well-established PRP (or Platelet-Rich Plasma) technique where growth factors are all released only for a few minutes after treatment. This is all-natural. There is no coating, additive, or anticoagulant present in the tubes and it is proven to release a higher concentration of growth factors for a longer period of time.

In Cosmetic surgery, PRF is used to accelerate the wound healing process and reduces scarring. In Aesthetics, PRF is used to treat alone or in combination with collagen induction therapy to treat: Hair loss Dark circles Acne scarring. Wrinkles and fine lines Tear throughs and deep folds, Brown spots (face, neck, décolleté), Volume loss, and symmetry adjustment.

Plasma is a component of the blood containing proteins that help the blood to clot as well as supporting cell growth. Platelets are found within the blood and are responsible for recognizing and repairing damaged cells by forming a plug, or clot. PRP Treatments use the body’s own healing processes to rejuvenate the skin and promote new cell growth.

A member of Enchanted’s trained staff will draw blood from your arm using a small gauge needle called a “butterfly”. The small vial of blood will be placed and spun in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The process concentrates the platelet count to about 4x the normal amount. The platelet-rich plasma is then applied topically or injected into the skin for treatment. PRP has been shown to help fade darkness under the eyes, provide natural facial volume restoration, and even help with hair loss when injected into the scalp

This treatment is highly dependable on the level of hydration of the patient (patients need to start the hydration process 72 hours before treatment). Patients who smoke may have less response to this treatment.

PRF is effective in most cases; no guarantees can be made that a specific patient will benefit from this procedure which is why a consultation is so important. Additionally, the nature of cosmetic procedure may require a patient to return for numerous visits in order to achieve the desired results or to determine whether PRF may not be completely effective at treating the particular condition. The average patient needs about 3-4 treatment sessions separated by 4-6 weeks and the final result won’t be readily visible for 4-9 months.

Treatment Breakdown:
1. You may take pain medication such as Tylenol.
2. A numbing cream is applied to the area of treatment.
3. Approximately 10 cc of whole blood is drawn from your arm.
4. The tubes of blood are centrifuged to separate the component cells.
5. Platelets, Leukocytes, and Mesenchymal stem cells are separated and used for this procedure.
6. The liquid is then transferred into a syringe and injected using a tiny needle.

PRP/PRF Treatment cost will vary per area treated. However, to achieve optimal results, you will need a series of 3-4 treatments.

See our PRP/PRF page for more info.

Noticeable results are visible within 4-9 months.

Results from PRP/PRF Treatments are expected to be long-lasting, though results may vary from person to person.

The number of treatments varies from person to person, but on average, we recommend 3-4 treatment sessions 4-12 weeks apart, then 1-2 treatments per year for maintenance.

For injections, bruising and swelling are possible, plan 2 weeks ahead of any events/vacations.
For microneedling with PRP/PRF, recovery lasts from 1-2 days with reddened skin, no peeling.

PRF has been used in the medical field to promote faster healing following surgical procedures, such as bone grafts, dental implants, and more. It can also promote healing following cosmetic surgery procedures. PRF can be injected by itself or in combination with other treatments to enhance results. PRF can be injected into the lower tear through the lower eyelid for improving under-eye skin tone and texture. If you are looking for an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, skin thickness, under-eye hollowing, or correcting dark circles, try PRF under-eye filler at Enchanted Aesthetics for a natural and refreshed look. The addition of other treatments like microneedling, dermal fillers, or neuromodulators like Botox can also help to correct the signs of aging under the eye.

A series of at least three PRF treatments is recommended approximately 4 to 8 weeks apart for the best results. Hyaluronic Acid fillers may be considered 6 months after the second round of PRF. Once you begin to see the results of your treatment, yearly maintenance is recommended.

As with all injections, there may be a risk of bruising, pain, and redness caused by the needle used to inject the product. Following post-treatment instructions will minimize this risk. Enchanted Aesthetics uses a cannula injection technique, this needleless approach allows precise delivery of the product through a blunt instrument. This greatly diminishes pain, bruising, and swelling for a much safer and more comfortable experience.


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