Private Training

Enchanted Academy offers private, advanced injection technique trainings as well as entry-level training for those just entering the world of aesthetics. The advanced injector trainings are for providers with a minimum of 12 months of experience. We will instruct the provider on patient assessment, anatomy, basic and advanced techniques of their choice as outlined in the initial training inquiry.

Enchanted Academy approaches hands-on training sessions much like we approach our own aesthetic patients. We focus on educating you about anatomy, products, and proper techniques. This approach helps elevate the confidence level of everyone involved in the treatment and ensures safe technique and beautiful results.

Our mission at Enchanted Academy is to educate providers so safe and quality results are available to the everyday consumer of aesthetic and cosmetic industry services and products. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our educational posts, view before and after photos, stay updated on new techniques and training. You can also subscribe to our email list and stay up to date on new products coming to the U.S. market, the latest research, and updates on FDA clinical trials.

We continuously invest in our own continuing education. Learning from industry leaders to find new and advanced ways to provide the best to our patients and trainees. Here at Enchanted, we feel fortunate to have opportunities to learn from the best in the industry and hope to encourage other aesthetic healthcare professionals to raise the bar in the aesthetics industry.

Enchanted’s ShadowShip Basic Program

Included in The Injector’s Shadow-Ship Program (Basic) are the following:

Enchanted’s ShadowShip Program is intended to:

Give you insight into the profession. Shadowing an experienced injector can give you a glimpse into the day-to-day life of an aesthetic injector in a leading aesthetics practice. You will be able to observe the workplace culture and the inner workings of a medical aesthetics clinic.

Learn tips and techniques to deliver a high standard of care while maintaining patient satisfaction. One of the highlights of being in a shadow program is observing the ways the patient and aesthetic injector interact. The experience will give you insight into the following:

Gives you a chance to ask questions. Come prepared with lots of questions or just ask as we go along. You will have time before and after the day of patients to ask questions about the profession, certification courses, aesthetic treatments that are trending, patient selection, business insights, and anything else you want to know.

Helps build your resume. Many new aesthetics injectors are looking for positions with nothing but theoretical knowledge from their certification courses. Taking the initiative to learn about a cosmetic practice from an immersive experience will show potential employers that you are taking an extra step in your growth to become a provider. Enchanted’s ShadowShip Program will also give the opportunity to ask questions about the business side of the practice and offer insight to what

Enchanted’s ShadowShip Advance Program (Hands-on)

Enchanted’s Advance Program includes everything above but pivoting to an Aesthetic Provider role and allows an opportunity to consult and inject with oversight with Enchanted’s highly skilled and trained medical providers. The following are Included our Advance ShadowShip Program:

Are you interested in becoming a model?

Dr. Bridget Martin has over 15 years of experience in the field of Medical Aesthetics, and a combined 30+ years in medicine. Dr. Martin has also served many years a professor for a large university. She is experienced in training injectors and consulting new practices or those who are looking to add aesthetics to their current practice.

For more information, please contact us today. A member of our team will reach out to you immediately.

Enchanted’s ShadowShip training models are an important part of our program. We are here to address your concerns and questions before, during, and after your treatment. When you choose to be a model with Enchanted’s training program you will receive discounted prices on the best quality products while receiving procedures under the direct supervision of Dr. Bridget Martin.

As a model you may have the following areas treated:

The price of the procedures is based as follows :

If interested in becoming a model for an upcoming shadowship program, please email [email protected].

Business Coaching

Not sure where to even begin, what the regulations are or how to get your practice off the ground and profitable? This is the perfect way to get going.

Fee: $200 for 30-minutes or $350 for 60-minutes by phone

These programs are not accredited by any school and do not offer continuing education.

*These programs do not insinuate future interview or employment with Enchanted Medical Aesthetics.

* Travel time, expenses, and/or sharing of protocols are an additional fee.

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