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Now available at Enchanted: Zo Skin Health Consultations with a Glimpse Facial Analysis. ZO Skin Health is a line of cutting-edge medical grade products and treatment protocols that promote and support optimal skin health. Invented by world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO optimizes the relationship between skin and skin care. With over 50 unique skincare products within the ZO Skin Health line, our team of dedicated medical aestheticians will create a customized regimen to help you reach your skin health goals.

Glimpse Facial Analysis

Enchanted’s Glimpse Professional Skin Analyzer is an innovative service revolutionizing skin health assessment and treatment. This state-of-the-art technology provides a comprehensive skin analysis, using advanced imaging to evaluate various skin concerns. The process is non-invasive and highly accurate, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to understand their skin better and improve its condition. Enchanted’s Glimpse device can assess facial skin texture, pore size, hydration levels, and wrinkles and sun damage. It’s ideal for individuals of all skin types interested in proactive skincare or those looking to address specific skin issues.

ZO Skin Health Consultation $125

Enchanted’s ZO Skin Health Consultation is a 30 minute appointment that starts with a Glimpse Facial Analysis to examine the skin and address various skin concerns. Once the facial analysis is complete, you will meet with one of Enchanted’s Medical Aestheticians and certified ZO Skin Health Experts, Angie or Anissa, to analyze your results and create a customized skincare regimen to help tackle your specific skin concerns. This consultation also includes a 20% off discount on all skincare regimens that are purchased the day-of your consultation and 10% off all Enchanted services that are booked the day-of your consultation. To book a ZO Skin Health consultation, please call the office at (386)317-1449.


Anyone interested in understanding and improving their skin health is an ideal candidate for this service.

Results from the Glimpse analysis are immediate, offering on-the-spot insights into your skin’s condition.

The longevity of results varies, but with appropriate skincare, the benefits of following Glimpse’s recommendations can last for several months.

There is no downtime or side effects, making Glimpse a convenient and safe option for skin analysis.

Before the analysis, avoid wearing makeup or applying heavy skincare products. Afterward, follow the tailored skincare recommendations provided.

Expect a comfortable, quick procedure where advanced imaging technology assesses your skin’s health, providing a detailed analysis.
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