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SculptPatch Topical Supplement Patch By Enchanted Medical Aesthetics


Body Shaping Supplement Support for Energy Production, Appetite Suppressant, Anti-Inflammatory, and Lymphatic Cleansing.
Supporting your body shaping and sculpting goals is as simple as a SculptPatch. The gold standard, medical-grade technology delivers clinically tested nutrients straight into your bloodstream for an 8-hour health and wellness boost. The powerful ingredients reduce appetite, decrease inflammation and swelling, enhance energy and metabolism, and help the lymphatic system remove dead fat cells. Ditch 12+ daily pills for a simple patch! Enhance your body sculpting programs today!

Cost: $75

About SculptPatch

A Powerful Multivitamin To Help Boost Mental & Physical Performance

The most advanced delivery system for body shaping nutrients with medical grade patch technology. Utilizing the skin for the delivery system, SculptPatch uses freeze-dried nanotechnology with active potency amplification. Nutrients are transmitted through the skin and directly into bloodstream through Time-Release Technology allowing nutrients to be absorbed over an 8-hour period for increased absorption compared to pills.

SculptPatch Topical Patch By Enchanted Medical Aesthetics


ProPatch+ is a professional line of topical supplement patches that are small and easy to apply to the skin like a bandaid. The ingredients are all natural, organic, & gluten-free, and the patch is latex-free and hypoallergenic.

Although our patches can be used alone, ProPatch+ products are physician formulated to pair with aesthetic treatments & regimens and health & wellness programs to provide a comprehensive approach for the most effective results.

The main feature of the patch is that it delivers nutrients through the skin and directly into the bloodstream, avoiding the digestive tract. The patch offers improved absorption compared to pills where most nutrients are voided through the digestive system.

Each 30-Day Supply contains 30 patches, to wear one patch per day.


VitriPatch, RenewPatch, & SculptPatch are formulated to be effective on their own, but ideally, they are worn together safely and as a complete Trio and without overdosing of any ingredient.


Apply patches on your body in a location with little or no hair. i.e. hip, shoulder, as well as the underside of the forearm are recommended. Some choose to rotate locations.

All our patches look the same since there are no artificial dyes on the patches. When wearing more than one of our formulated patches, consider consistently applying the VitriPatch to the left arm, the RenewPatch to the right arm, and SculptPatch to the abdomen.


Our patches are not waterproof. Water may cause the patch to adhere to the skin more, making the patch difficult to remove.


Patches should be stored in cool and dry places. The shelf life is 2 years when stored correctly.

SculptPatch Topical Supplement Patch By Enchanted Medical Aesthetics

Benefits Of RenewPatch

Vitamin B12

Helps Improve Energy and Metabolism

Garcinia Cambogia

Known to Decrease Appetite


Help Reduce Swelling and Improve Immunity

Goldenseal and Myrrh

Help Support Lymphatic Cleansing

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