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Botox Treatment By Enchanted Medical Aesthetics

Botox, Dysport & Xeomin

Botox and Dysport are neuromodulators that treat and prevent fine lines and deeper facial wrinkles. Neuromodulators work well on crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines, and frown lines between the eyebrows. Most treatments take only 15-30 minutes. Enchanted’s staff is highly trained and always keeps your health and safety top priority while offering you quality treatments and results. Both Botox and Dysport are medications injected into the muscle to reduce wrinkles caused by muscle movement. Dosing is strategically chosen based on your muscle mass and strength in the area of concern. Botox and Dysport have numerous off-label uses in the lower face and neck, including neckbands, chin dimples, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), as well as the jawline.


Forehead Lines 30 Minutes, $12/Unit (Average 12-24 Units)

Don’t like those horizontal forehead lines? Botox can help improve and prevent static wrinkles from forming over time. Keeping the youthfulness in your face and your skin looking vibrant. Neuromodulators such as Botox are one of Enchanted’s biggest anti-aging treatments offered.

Bunny Lines 30 Minutes, $12/Unit (Average 4-12 Units)

Bunny lines are a nickname for the wrinkles that appear from scrunching your nose. Keeping this area treated with Botox will help improve and prevent these lines from forming or getting worse over time.

Platysma Band(Vertical Neck Cords) 30 Minutes, $12/Unit (Average 12-40 Units)

The platysma muscles are those vertical cords that run down your neck, they are more visible when clenching the jaw. These lines, or “Turkey Neck” can be improved with the treatment of Botox. The treatment is also known as the “Nefertiti Neck Lift”, because of its ability to smooth the neck, providing a more youthful look.

Crows Feet 30 Minutes, $12/Unit (Average 8-24 Units)

Crow’s feet are the lines that form at the corner of the eye. Botox will help smooth out these lines and prevent them from becoming static over time. The eyes are the window to the soul so let’s keep them looking beautiful!

Scowl Lines or 11’s 30 Minutes, $12/Unit (Average 10-25 Units)

Improve your look with an injectable solution to smooth out the wrinkles between your eyebrows, also known as the “11’s”, usually visible when furrowing your brows. Botox will help fade these wrinkles and keep them at bay, creating a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Lip Flip 15 Minutes, $99

Enchanted’s Signature Lip Flip is a quick treatment to give you the perfect flip by injecting Botox into your upper lip area. A Lip Flip uses Botox to help expose more of the pink portion of the upper lip- creating the appearance of a fuller upper lip. Please note that a Lip Flip is not a replacement for Lip Filler and is intended to relax the muscle rather than to add volume.

Dimpled Chin 30 Minutes, $12/Unit (Average 4-10 Units)

The dimpled or “Orange Peel” look on the chin can be easily treated with Botox. Botox helps to smooth the skin of the chin for a more youthful and relaxed look. There are various treatments for a dimpled chin, however, the least invasive is using neuromodulators such as Botox to help smooth the area out.

Brow Lift 30 Minutes, $12/Unit (Average 4-10 Units)

A Botox Brow Lift is a quick solution for tired-looking eyes and leaves the eye area looking refreshed. Botox helps to lift the eyebrows, making them appear more youthful and awake.

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) 30 Minutes, $12/Unit (Average 20-50 Units Per Side)

Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Botox can help! Botox is FDA approved to treat excessive sweating. By injecting Botox into the sweat glands, we can help decrease perspiration and provide longer-lasting results than topical treatments.

Masseter(TMJ/Face Slimming) 30 Minutes, $12/Unit (Average 30-50 Units)

Botox can be used in higher dosing to relax the masseter muscle resulting in improved TMJ symptoms and facial slimming. The masseter muscle is responsible for chewing and grinding food, and when overactive, can cause the jaw to appear larger than normal. Masseter Botox injections help to relax the muscle, resulting in a more slender jawline.


Botox Is used to treat and prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and deep facial furrows. By working beneath the surface, Botox can help reduce the underlying muscle activity that causes the skin to appear wrinkled or folded.

On average $12 per unit. While there are a wide variety of treatments that Botox is used for most areas is usually between 22-24 units.

Results are visible within 72 hours and continue to improve over 2-4 weeks.

Results from Botox last on average about 3-4 months.

A single treatment of Botox will yield results. However, results last on average 3-4 months, therefore continuing consistent treatments Every 3-4 months will yield optimum results.

Bruising is possible, plan 2 weeks ahead of any events, vacations, or other occasions.

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