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PDO Threads By Enchanted Medical Aesthetics

One of the most common issues we are asked about is skin laxity and how to treat it. Collagen is what gives our skin its volume and as we age our bodies decrease the amount of collagen we produce. Sagging skin, wrinkles, and lines start to appear when collagen production slows because the skin loses its support system and gravity pulls it down.

Collagen also supports growth factors in our skin that play a role in healing so when we have a cut or breakage of the skin our bodies produce collagen to recover and repair. Treatments for collagen loss such as medical-grade skin care, fillers, and other injectables contain ingredients that help restore volume or stimulate collagen production. PDO threads stimulate collagen production and are safe, and non-invasive (non-surgical) for use in facial rejuvenation. More and more medical professionals practicing Aesthetic Medicine use PDO threads to treat other areas of the body that lose firmness and volume with age such as the face, neck, chest, arms, knees, and various other areas on the body.

How Do PDO Threads Work?

PDO stands for polydioxanone which has been used in surgical sutures for many years because it can dissolve and be absorbed by the skin within six months without scarring.

In a thread lift procedure, PDO threads are embedded just beneath the surface of the skin with a cannula – the same flexible tool used to inject filler. The introduction of the threads to the skin causes micro-trauma and kickstarts collagen production in the area which leads to increased volume and firmness over time.

Types Of PDO Threads

Several different types of threads can be used to lift and tighten sagging skin. Some of the most common types of threads you may come across include smooth, barbed, and screws.

Smooth PDO Threads – Just as the name implies, smooth PDO threads have no texture and can be used in a number of ways to tighten and repair skin.

Barbed PDO Threads – Barbed threads are textured with small barbs that help grab ahold of the skin and create lift. A combination of barbed and smooth threads can be used together for the firm and lifted results.

Screw PDO Threads – Screw threads are wrapped around the insertion device like a screw and are effective for creating volume beneath the skin.

When Will I See Results And How Long Will They Last?

The effects of a thread lift are visible immediately and improve over several months. Results are not permanent but can last for up to two years. Downtime is minimal with PDO thread treatment and produces even better results when combined with other volumizing procedures such as fillers.

Dr. Bridget Martin has attended an intensive training course on PDO threads and thread lift techniques for facial and body rejuvenation. As always, your safety and comfort are our top priorities, and we only use technology and techniques proven to be effective and safe.

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