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11 different things Botox can do

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Botox By Enchanted Medical Aesthetics

How would you like to appear years younger without surgery intervention? With Botox, now you can achieve a fresh, youthful look. Medical aesthetics has brought forth an excellent opportunity to have a more beautiful and glowing face.

Botox noticeably enhances the appearance of crow’s feet lines around the eyes, vertical forehead creases between the eyes, and frown lines around the mouth. Administered into the lower face and neck muscles, Botox can improve the visible signs of aging in the mentioned areas, as well. In general, Botox offers many significant benefits beyond beauty and gives way to a more confident you.

How it works is that Botox blocks signals between the muscles and the nerves so that the injected muscle cannot compress. Instead, it remains soft and relaxed. In this post, we will dig deeper into the 11 different things Botox can do to the patients of medical aesthetics and how beneficial they are to those who decide to take these shots.

1. A temporary facelift

Botox is injected at 8 points on the face to produce a lifting effect which will last for a few months. It might not be permanent, but it would be worth your while. Some even use Botox every three months to shape their jaw, relax wrinkles around their eyes and forehead and even lift the tip of their nose.

2. Botox minimizes the appearance of acne

Tiny amounts of Botox injected on the shallow facial skin help restrain oil production but do not necessarily disable facial expressions. This would result in the reduction of acne breakouts. The most common and most effective area for Botox to curb oil production is the forehead.

3. Almost like a nose job

As a sign of aging, our noses tend to sag and look hooked, resulting in our face appearing droopy. But there is now a solution since Botox can almost mimic a nose job. By releasing the depressor muscle that pulls the nose downward, it creates a nose-lifting effect in about 15 minutes, and without surgery.

4. Tightens jowls

A Botox treatment can define our jawline, too, giving us a more angular and sharper face. Applying Botox along the muscles of the jawbone can pull the skin up, giving way for a defined, crisp effect.

5. A botox softens the jawline and chin

Our jawline may widen as we age and injecting Botox can help shrink the muscles and narrow down the jawline. The results will last approximately for a year, and can also mean other positive effects. Such as it will give our cheeks a more lifted appearance, creating a more youthful look.

6. Lifts the lips

Well, would you have guessed this? Getting fillers isn’t the only route for getting big, plumped up, and juicy lips. Drops of Botox administered along the upper lip border can roll the top lip up and out slightly so that it creates a plumping effect. It’s considered more refined compared to collagen injections, and it’s also less expensive.

7. Carves out cleavage

For some women, mostly with age along with sun exposure, unwanted lines can develop between the breasts. Applying Botox injections in the pectoral muscles will give a woman an overall youthful look. And true enough, it will serve well with wearing a low-cut shirt.

8. Smooth the neck

Horizontal wrinkles in the neck can be briefly erased with tiny amounts of Botox that are injected into the muscles above and below the lines. As these muscles relax, the skin would appear smoother. As we age, neck muscles can start to protrude and enlarge, resulting in the occurrence of thick, tight cords.

Furthermore, the muscles in the neck and the shallow facial muscles are connected. This also means the neck may pull the rest of our facial features forward. What Botox does is relax the neck muscles, get rid of the cords, softens wrinkles, and lifts the face. 

9. Botox can defeats migraines

It might not be entirely clear how Botox works on migraines, yet experts say that it loosens up the muscles in the head to prevent them from being sensitive to pain. How it happens is that Botox is injected into the forehead, scalp, and temples. It is suitable for patients who have chronic migraine attacks that don’t seem to get cured with the traditional migraine medications.

10. Reduces excessive sweating

For those who experience sweat marks and excessive sweating, Botox injections prove to work against abnormal sweaty glands. It blocks the message sent by our nerves from getting to our sweat glands. To this effect, the human body no longer produces excessive sweat but stays normal.

11. Extends hair blowouts

Some women who get Botox at their hairline and in the scalp have commented that they don’t sweat at the edge of their hairline, which makes their blowouts last longer. Also, some women who take Botox on their forehead for other reasons reported that their scalp didn’t produce much sweat anymore, thus their heat styling lasted for an extended time.

Your dream look; a call away

As we have discussed in this post, we may now realize how Botox can be dubbed as one of the best scientific discoveries of medical aesthetics. As it does not only give everyone a chance to achieve a youthful look, it also offers various medical advantages while still being a non-invasive procedure.

For additional information, the effects of Botox usually last 3 or 4 months. The lines and wrinkles will begin to reappear as muscle movement gradually returns. But not to worry too much since these lines and wrinkles often occur less substantially with time because the muscles are being trained to relax.

Considering a Botox treatment? The group of Enchanted Medical Aesthetics is happy to serve you with its team of licensed professionals. Make a call and schedule an appointment to have an expert discussion that would educate you about the best options available for you. While of course, giving you a pampering session of a queen’s, which suits you best.

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