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5 Botox benefits that Ormond Beach Residents Will Love

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Botox Benefits By Enchanted Medical Aesthetics

As summer comes to a close, you’re naturally reflecting on all that splashing fun in the sun—while still looking ahead toward everything that the cozy coming seasons have in store! This seasonal switch happens to be a great time to take stock of your skincare routine and consider Botox treatment.

Read on to discover some of the serious benefits of beginning (or continuing) your Botox regimen this fall, and how Enchanted Aesthetics can help you transform your skin for seasons to come.

Recharge and refresh after all that summer sun

Botox is best used on a regular basis, as it provides benefits to year skin all year long! However, it can feel especially needed after a summer full of outdoor fun. Sunny days at the beach can make certain skincare “trouble spots” more pronounced, such as crow’s feet from squinting on bright days, but Botox can help you alleviate these issues and many more. You deserve the chance to head into fall with a fresh, radiant face, while still knowing that you had a blast at the beach and beyond all summer long.

Look your best for fall events

For many of us, fall ushers in a festive time of year. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to beautiful backyard bonfires, there are many moments ahead you’ll want to capture for the scrapbook and share in real-time with the loved ones by your side! These special moments are even better when you look and feel your best, and Botox is one helpful way to achieve exactly that.

A seasonal schedule you can count on

Because Botox results tend to last about three to four months, the switch of seasons can be a perfect reminder to book your treatment!

More than looks alone

Botox is a great way to help your skin look its radiant best, but it can do more than meets the eye! Botox treatment can also be used to relieve muscular tension that causes headaches and migraines, helping you feel better all season long. Plus, we know that changing seasons can be a headache trigger for many of us, so be sure to check with your Enchanted team and your medical provider to see if Botox might be able to help you address this seasonal symptom.

You can easily pair Botox with your fall facial routine

One of our favorite aspects of Botox is that it effortlessly pairs with a wide variety of skincare products and treatments, giving you the chance to add some extra “oomph” to your routine for the best possible results. Adding some extra moisture to your regimen to combat fall and winter dryness? Looking to color-correct signs of summer sun damage? Whatever your needs may be, the Enchanted team will work to put together a treatment plan that safely and thoroughly provides the TLC your skin deserves.

As the first and only boutique medspa in Ormond Beach, we here at Enchanted Aesthetics can’t wait to help you discover a skincare journey you’re sure to love. If you’re interested in Botox Daytona Beach residents and those in the surrounding area can turn to Enchanted Aesthetics today! We’ll be happy to help answer any questions you may have as you take this exciting step.

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