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King Size Silk Pillowcase, Grey

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The way to get real beauty sleep? Try our luxurious silk pillowcase in Grey. Hypoallergenic silk glides easily to prevent creasing and wrinkles in skin and fall-out, snags, and breakage in hair—preserving youthful looks and professional blowouts.

And when it comes to the most productive beauty routine, our 100% High-Grade Mulberry Silk pillowcase is a must. The common cotton pillowcase is highly absorbent, drinking up your nourishing creams and oils and decreasing effectiveness. Get the most out of your products and ensure they stay on your face overnight by switching to our silk, which is 19mm—the best balance of look and strength.

Note: Once a pillow is inserted, our pillowcase naturally releases its creases within a few days. If you’d like to use an iron, please use the coolest setting.



  1. Hypoallergenic, all-natural material
  2. Minimizes wrinkles and prevents creasing
  3. Prevents formation of fine lines
  4. Supports clean skin
  5. Promotes healthier, shinier hair (preserves your blowout!)
  6. Alleviates hair breakage and frizziness
  7. Creates a luxurious environment for sleep


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